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Services for startups

Based on your business needs, we advise the type of organization you should incorporate, how you should fund it with debt and equity, take care of the regulatory aspects of setting up the business, including drafting legal documents and registering the business with tax authorities.

Services for International Investors

We offer advisory services on regulations that govern investments in India. Our services include obtaining permission under FEMA, Filing of Intimations, Statutory Forms, and Returns. We also offer services to help set up branches, offices, and subsidiaries in India.

Valuation and Transfer Pricing Services

We provide valuation and transfer pricing services to businesses. Valuation services may be required for a transaction or as per RBI and SEBI rules. Transfer Pricing Audit is necessary for specific transactions as per the provision of the Income Tax Act.

Goods and Service Tax

We advise clients about indirect taxation under the new GST regime, help them in the on-boarding process and planning their transactions, and take care of their regulatory requirements.

Corporate Tax and Income Tax

We advise clients to plan their organization structure and transactions in a tax-efficient manner and take care of the regulatory work related to direct taxation.

Management Consulting

We advise you on best business practices, help you streamline your processes, remove bottlenecks, and advise you on the adoption and implementation of technology and CRM products.



We are a multidisciplinary firm of professionals with many years of experience whose sole focus is to cater to a basket of business needs of our clients. We deliver superior performance by integrating technology and standardized processes to deliver results on time.

Mr. Hardik Parikh leads our team. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and an MBA from IIM Indore with years of Corporate and Leadership experience.

Our Capabilities

We are capable of taking on complex projects and delivering
satisfactory results.

Timely service

We keep our customers delighted by meeting their
promised commitments, and delivery dates.

Team of professionals

Having ample experience to global working standards
enables us to cater to diversified needs.

Business Analysis

A proper framework of business analysis ensures more
accurate solutions and relevant advice.

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We are different!

As a business whose partners have had vast involvement with startups, they have not just
a better understanding of the regulatory requirements of a startup, they also have a better feel
of the business needs of a startup. Experience is not only in compliance-related work but also
in business analysis and advisory, which results in a viewpoint distinct from others.

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Why choose us!

As a multidisciplinary firm, we bring several perspectives to the table.
As a research-oriented firm, we are very resourceful and are capable of dipping into our vast network to get things done.
We have embraced technology and can suggest the right technology tools for even small businesses.
We take responsibility for much of the regulatory and non-core functions of the business so that you can focus on the core functions of the company.
We periodically send out newsletters, which we feel are beneficial for our clients.

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Service Offerings

We offer the following services.

Startup advisory and business services

Consultation on FEMA and International Taxation issues

Advisory on issues related to Company law and regulatory work related to it

Direct tax practice

GST related work

Business consultancy

Transfer pricing and valuation-related work

Legal representation before tax authorities


Partnership Firms and Tax Planning

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