Tax compliance calendar for the financial year

Tax compliance is a critical aspect of running a successful business in India. To ensure that your business stays compliant with all tax laws and regulations, it is important to keep track of the various due dates and requirements. This tax compliance calendar for the financial year is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the key dates and requirements for various types of taxes. Whether you're a small business owner, a self-employed individual, or a large corporation, these tables will help you stay on top of your tax compliance obligations and avoid potential penalties.

  • 1.

    GST Returns for Composition Dealers:

Quarter Due Date for CMP-08
1st Quarter 18th July
2nd Quarter 18th October
3rd Quarter 18th January
4th Quarter 18th April
  • 2.

    GST Returns for Regular Dealers: (Filing Frequency – Monthly)

Month Due Date for GSTR 3B Due Date for GSTR 1
April 20th May 11th May
May 20th June 11th June
June 20th July 11th July
July 20th August 11th August
August 20th September 11th September
September 20th October 11th October
October 20th November 11th November
November 20th December 11th December
December 20th January 11th January
January 20th February 11th February
February 20th March 11th March
March 20th April 11th April
  • 3.

    GST Returns for Regular Dealers: (Filing Frequency – Quarterly)

Quarter Due Date for GSTR 3B Due Date for GSTR 1/IFF(Optional)
1st Quarter 22nd July 1st Quarter 22nd July IFF - 13th May, 13th June,13th July & GSTR1- 13th July
2nd Quarter 20th October IFF - 13th Aug, 13th Sep, 13th Oct & GSTR1- 13th Oct
Quarter Due Date for GSTR 3B Due Date for GSTR 1/IFF(Optional)
3rd Quarter 22nd January IFF - 13th Nov, 13th Dec, 13th Jan & GSTR1- 13th Jan
4th Quarter 22nd April IFF – 13th Feb, 13th March, 13th April & GSTR1- 13th April.
  • 4.

    Annual GST Returns:

Return Due Date
GSTR 9 31st December
GSTR 9C 31st December
GSTR 4 30th April
  • 5.

    TDS Returns:

Quarter Due Date for TDS Returns
1st Quarter 31st July
2nd Quarter 30th October
3rd Quarter 31st January
4th Quarter 31st May
  • 6.

    Advance Tax Due Dates:

Due Date Percentage of Tax
15th June 15%
15th September 45%
15th December 75%
15th December 100%


These key dates are for illustration purposes only and may vary based on the specific tax laws and regulations in India. The viewer should seek professional advice from a Chartered Accountant for the most up-to-date information.

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