Services for startups

Based on your business needs, we advise the type of organization you should incorporate, how you should fund it with debt and equity, take care of the regulatory aspects of setting up the business, including drafting legal documents and registering the business with tax authorities.
Many startups do not want to use their resources and efforts to manage books of accounts and payroll for their staff in addition to regulatory compliance services. We manage them till the time the startups are big enough to take care of these functions themselves.

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Goods & Service Tax

We advise clients about indirect taxation under the new GST regime, help them in the on-boarding process and planning their transactions, and take care of their regulatory requirements.

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Management Consulting

We advise you on best business practices, help you streamline your processes, remove bottlenecks, and advise you on the adoption and implementation of technology and CRM products to help you achieve your goals.

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Valuation Services

We provide valuation services to businesses. Valuation services may be required for a transaction or as per RBI and SEBI rules.

Income Tax

We provide tax planning as well as compliance services.

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Tax Planning

We work with clients to plan their organization structure and transactions in a tax-effective manner within the boundaries of the law.

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International Taxation

We offer consultation and planning services in areas of international taxation.

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Expatriate Taxation

We help expatriates in India, including non-resident Indians, comply with Indian tax laws, including filing tax returns.

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Tax compliance

We help businesses comply with the direct tax laws. These include preparation and filing of income tax or corporate tax returns, TDS returns, and other documents.

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Representations, Appeals & Proceedings

We appear before tax authorities on behalf of our clients and represent in all appeals against appellate authorities.

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