Audit and assurance services

As businesses flourish and expand, the need for accurate and transparent financial reporting becomes increasingly crucial. In India, audit and assurance services fill this need by providing independent assessments of a company's financial statements while identifying areas for improvement. At Hardik Parikh Associates LLP, we offer a wide range of audit and assurance services designed to help businesses meet regulatory requirements and achieve their financial objectives. Our experienced team is committed to delivering timely, accurate information that clients can trust. Our position as a top CA firm in Mumbai enables us to provide unparalleled audit and assurance services

Types of Audit and Assurance Services


1.Statutory Audits:

We perform audits in compliance with the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

2. Tax Audits:

Our tax audit services ensure businesses adhere to tax regulations and uncover potential tax savings opportunities.

3. Internal Audit Services:

We evaluate a company's internal controls through internal audits, pinpointing weaknesses and offering recommendations for improvement.

4. Due Diligence Audit Services:

We assist businesses in making informed decisions during mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions with our thorough due diligence reviews.

5. Forensic Audit Services:

Our forensic audits investigate suspected fraud and other financial irregularities.

6. External Audit Services:

Performed by an independent auditor to provide an objective assessment of financial statements and ensure their accuracy and compliance.

7. Operational Audit Services:

Focuses on evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's operations, processes, and procedures.

8. Compliance Audit Services:

Stay compliant with ever-evolving regulations. Our compliance auditing services ensure that your business adheres to relevant laws and industry standards.

9. Regulatory Compliance Audits:

Navigate complex regulatory landscapes confidently with our regulatory compliance audits, tailored to your industry's specific requirements.

10. Financial Statement Audit:

Our in-depth financial statement analysis provides you with meaningful insights into your financial performance, aiding strategic decision-making.

At Hardik Parikh Associates LLP, we recognize that each business is unique and faces distinct challenges. That's why our approach to audit and assurance services is tailored to suit individual client needs. By working closely with clients, we gain a deep understanding of their businesses and develop customized plans to address their specific requirements.

Beyond audit and assurance services, we also provide a variety of other financial services, such as accounting, taxation, and business consulting. Our goal is to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services that support their financial objectives and promote business growth.

For reliable and expert audit and assurance services in India, trust Hardik Parikh Associates LLP.


Financial Audit

A financial audit involves rigorous examination and assessment of a company's financial records, encompassing a spectrum of audit engagements. Certified auditors meticulously scrutinize financial statements, ensuring accuracy and adherence to accounting standards. Our financial statement audit services focus on evaluating the integrity of the financial report, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Throughout the audit engagements, auditors assess internal controls, verify supporting documents, and provide a comprehensive analysis of the statement's authenticity. The ultimate goal is to furnish stakeholders with confidence in the reliability and compliance of the financial report. The resulting auditor's report communicates findings, offering valuable insights for decision-makers. Beyond regulatory requirements, this process serves as a vital tool for internal improvement, contributing to operational efficiency and overall financial health. Trust our team to deliver meticulous financial audit services, ensuring the accuracy and transparency of your financial engagements


Internal audit Services

At Hardik Parikh Associates LLP, our Internal Audit Services extend beyond traditional boundaries to provide not just assurance but a strategic approach to fortifying your business. As a leading audit firm in Mumbai, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive suite of services.


Our expertise encompasses not only standard internal audit and assurance but also a broader spectrum of services, including internal auditing assurance and advisory services. We go beyond compliance, delving into the intricacies of your operations with an Internal Control Review to identify strengths and weaknesses. Our Internal Audit Consulting services aim to establish and enhance robust internal controls, ensuring operational excellence.


Employing a robust Internal Audit Methodology, our experienced team conducts thorough assessments tailored to your business's unique needs. We understand the dynamic business landscape of Mumbai and bring a local perspective to our services. Beyond mere review, we collaborate closely with your team, providing insights and recommendations for positive change.


At Hardik Parikh Associates LLP, our commitment to Internal Audit and Assurance goes beyond the conventional, positioning us as your strategic partner in navigating complex business challenges and optimizing internal processes for sustained success.


Auditing Quality

We are unwavering in our commitment to auditing quality throughout the audit cycle. Our seasoned team of auditors conducts thorough audit examinations, ensuring that every aspect of your financial processes is scrutinized with precision and care. Integrating advanced technologies into our approach, we enhance the efficiency and depth of our analysis. Tailoring our services to meet your unique needs, we navigate each audit cycle with meticulous attention to detail. The result is a client-centric environment built on trust, delivering timely, accurate, and reliable audit solutions that empower businesses to achieve financial integrity.

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