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Navigating Legal Considerations for Fundraising and Investment in Indian Startups

Introduction The Indian startup industry has expanded enormously in recent years, with several startups emerging as unicorns, attracting significant investments from domestic and foreign investors. In 2021, India had 52 unicorns, with a total valuation of $168 billion. While the Indian startup ecosystem offers numerous opportunities for investors, fundraising and investment in startups involve several […]

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How much does it cost to register a startup in India?

Introduction: Starting a business is an exciting endeavour, but it’s important to make sure you follow all the legal requirements to protect your company and ensure its success. Registering your startup is an essential step in establishing your business in India. In this post, we’ll discuss how much it costs to register a startup in […]

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Navigating NRI Taxation and Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide for NRIs and Hiring an NRI Tax Consultant.

Introduction In today’s global economy, many Indians live and work abroad as non-resident Indians (NRIs). While there are many benefits to being an NRI, it also comes with unique challenges, particularly when it comes to taxation and compliance. Understanding NRI taxation and compliance is critical to avoid legal complications and ensure that your tax filings […]

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Valuation in Insolvency Proceedings in India: Challenges and Best Practices

Introduction The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 governs insolvency proceedings in India, which aims to promote the resolution of stressed assets and ensure a fair and efficient process for all stakeholders. One of the critical elements of insolvency proceedings is valuation, which is the process of determining the value of assets, liabilities, and claims of […]

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The Importance of Due Diligence and Compliance in Indian Asset Reconstruction Companies

Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) are a key component of India’s financial ecosystem. These companies are tasked with the responsibility of acquiring non-performing assets (NPAs) from banks and other financial institutions and managing these assets to recover the maximum value possible. The success of ARCs is crucial to the overall health of India’s banking sector, which […]

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The use of technology in the audit and assurance process and its benefits

Introduction The way businesses function has been changed by technology, and the audit and assurance process is no exception. Audit and assurance refer to the process of evaluating a company’s financial records and operations to ensure they comply with laws, regulations and accounting standards. The use of technology in the audit and assurance process has […]

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Step-by-Step Guide to Incorporating a Public Limited Company in India

Incorporating a public limited company in India is a complex process involving several steps and requirements. However, the process can be more straightforward and smoother with the proper guidance and professional assistance. This post will go through the steps involved in incorporating a public limited company in India, including the pre-incorporation, incorporation, and post-incorporation requirements. […]


Understanding Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India: Pros, Cons, and Suitability

Introduction Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a business structure that combines the benefits of a partnership firm and a company. LLP is a separate legal entity from its partners, meaning that the partners are not personally liable for the debts of the LLP. It is a relatively new concept in India, but it has gained […]

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GST Filing 101: A Guide to Compliance and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Introduction The Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST, is a type of indirect tax that India imposes on the provision of goods and services. GST filing and compliance is an important parts of running a business in India, as non-compliance can lead to penalties and fines. In this post, we will provide an […]